About Us

Fruitland® Manufacturing was established in 1957 as a tool & die shop, machine repair facility and manufacturer of custom-designed production machinery. Our customers were comprised of primary steel manufacturers and metal working industries across southern Ontario, Canada.

We have since expanded on a world-wide scale as the manufacturer of heavy duty Fruitland® Vacuum Pumps. The RCF500 Vacuum Pump became the flagship for Fruitland® as a result of unparalleled success with oil clean-up operations in Siberia, tank cleaning on aircraft carriers, the J.F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida and by environmental Pump Truck Operators everywhere. Our Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps (also known as Sliding Vane Vacuum Pumps) are trusted to function in the most severe conditions with minimal maintenance, from the harsh deserts of the Middle East, the severity of the Arctic Circle to the rugged oil fields all over the world.

Fruitland® Manufacturing is keeping pace with modern technologies by committing large investments into new C.N.C. machining equipment and state-of-the-art CAD/CAM systems. Virtually any type of custom machining can be performed ranging from one piece to multiple piece production runs. All our C.N.C. or conventional machines and equipment are operated by our highly qualified and dedicated staff who are committed to satisfying customer needs with superior quality, excellent value, and first rate customer service.

Fruitland® Manufacturing has an integral Quality Management System which is registered to ISO 9001:2008 with ASACERT.

Our Mission

Fruitland® Manufacturing leads the market in providing high quality vacuum pumps, accessories, custom  and production machining and manufacturing to our valued customers. The people at Fruitland® Manufacturing are committed to honest customer support delivering superior quality goods and services on time and at competitive prices. Fruitland® Manufacturing strives for continuous improvement through employee development, quality control and innovative processes.

Our Vision

Fruitland® Manufacturing is committed to quality, reliability and guaranteed performance.

Our People

Fruitland® Manufacturing has a dedicated team of staff committed to manufacturing premium products. From qualified Technicians working on our state of the art machines, to the knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives, we pride ourselves that we employ only the best in the business. Some Staff members have surpassed 45 years as Fruitland® employees because we stand behind our Staff, our Pumps and our Products.

Our Dealers

Fruitland® Dealers are highly regarded as the best in the business. Our Dealers are selected based on their responsiveness to customer needs and their overall integrity. We consider a Fruitland® Dealer as the backbone of our business and endeavour to work very closely with them to ensure that our products flow seamlessly to their locations before, during and after the sale. Fruitland® Dealers continue to provide the excellent service support which customers have come to expect.

Our Values