Liquid Cooled Pumps

Features and Benefits of Fruitland® Liquid Cooled Pumps

Fruitland®’s compressor vacuum pumps are specifically designed for installation in vacuum trucks. The development is made in close collaboration with our customers. This guarantees the optimum product for your application. Fruitland®’s water cooled compressor vacuum pumps are engineered for tough, durable use, minimizing maintenance and downtime. Our pumps are designed to maximize productivity for profitability. We know payload is what you get paid for! The low compact pump design maximizes suction vehicle payload with minimal power draw.


VacuStar W900 / 1300 / 1600

The W series is developed especially for the high requirements of suction vehicles, municipal vacuum trucks and combination trucks (combined suction and water jetting). The series consists of 3 different sizes with a volume flow of up to 1600 m³/h / 942 cfm.


    • Volume flow range from 900 up to 1600 m³/h (530-942 cfm)
    • Compact dimensions
    • Low weight, greater payload
    • Low power requirement
    • Efficient, economic operation
    • Comprehensive accessories
    • 100 mbar (27″ Hg, 90% vacuum) in continuous operation
    • ATEX – temperature class 3*
    • Integrated cell aeration system reduces the discharge temperature
    • Cooler operation resulting in longer life for vanes, bearings and casing
    • *with integrated cell aeration system

Liquid Cooled Pumps Specifications

    W900 W1300 W1600
Max Volume Flow m³h/cfm 900/530 1300/765 1600/942
Max Operating Pressure Bar g/psig 2.0/29 2.0/29 2.0/29
Max Operating Vacuum Mbar/HG" 100/27 100/27 100/27
Speed Range RPM 1000-1500 1000-1500 1000-1500
Max Power Requirement at 0.5 barg/ 7.25 psig kW/hp 26.5/35.5 38.0/51.0 47.0/63.0
Weight Kg/lb 220/485 279/615 339/747

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