Answers for Lack of Vacuum in Tank, Overheating or Pump not Turning

For further information please see our Fruitland® Pump Manual or call 1-800-663-9003

Issue - Lack of Vacuum in Tank:

  • Tank not closed or leaking
  • Collapsed Hose: Check wear and replace
  • Stuck automatic floating shut-off: Put Pump on Pressure for a moment
  • Pump running backward after stopping: Stuck or broken non-return valve (Back-up Valve)

Issue – Overheating:

  • Lack of oil
  • Wrong type of oil (See FAQ)
  • Cooling fins of casing plugged with dirt
  • Pump run for too long WITHOUT air passing inside the pump (See Manual)
  • RPM too high
  • Broken oil pump
  • Clogged oil line
  • Collapsed hose
  • Clogged filter or muffler

Issue – Pump not Turning:

  • Foreign material may be lodged in pump
  • Pump frozen up (winter conditions)
  • Vane or Housing broken
  • Pump overheated

NOTE: A slight metallic noise at high vacuum (above) 23-24Hg is normal. The expanded air is too weak to hold the non-return valve (back-up valve) completely open and consequently causes the closing disk to flutter.

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