1400 Series (910 CFM)

Fruitland rotary vane pumps are known for their durability, ease of operation, and simple installation. These pumps feature an eccentrically placed rotor with vanes that create sealed pockets to efficiently generate high levels of vacuum and pressure. Fruitland rotary vane pumps stands out as a premier choice in this category, delivering unmatched quality and toughness.


The 1400 is Fruitland’s newest and most powerful rotary vane pump. At 910 CFM free air flow, the 1400 is not only Fruitland’s most powerful pump, but the most powerful mobile rotary vane fan cooled pump available on the market.

The 1400 offers the simplicity, superiority, and serviceability of fan cooling and boasts an integrated air injection system for continuous duty applications.

The 1400 also comes with an improved integrated oil reservoir and air filter and is smaller, lighter, and quieter than its predecessor the 1200. The 1400 is simply a powerhouse which can tackle any pumping job in any environment – any time.


Maximum Air flow: 910 CFM (ft³/min)

Maximum Vacuum: 27.5 in-Hg

Power Required @ 27” in-Hg: 42 HP to 64 HP

Max Pressure: 20 PSI

Porting Size: Ø4.0”

Maximum Input Speed: 1400 RPM

Net Pump Weight: 1262 lbs

  • Integrated aluminum oil tank, capacity: 13L for up to 35 hours running time
  • Integrated air injection system for continuous vacuum operation
  • High capacity fan forced air cooling
  • High capacity metered oil injection pump for precise oil delivery under various operating conditions
  • Available with different mounting and drive options
  • Quietest operation in its class, only 85 dB at 10ft

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