500 Series (338 CFM)

Fruitland rotary vane pumps are known for their durability, ease of operation, and simple installation. These pumps feature an eccentrically placed rotor with vanes that create sealed pockets to efficiently generate high levels of vacuum and pressure. Fruitland rotary vane pumps stands out as a premier choice in this category, delivering unmatched quality and toughness.

Product 500 series vacuum pump


The Fruitland RCF 500 series pump is the perfect mix of power and utility. This pump provides the best combination of efficiency and power, and uses less oil than any other rotary vane pump in its class. For this and many other reasons, the Fruitland 500 can be found in mobile vacuum applications across the world in industries like oil & gas, environmental, industrial, and septic as well as many others.


  • Automatic lubrication (oil pump)
  • 8 (kevlar) vanes
  • Fan cooling continuous duty
  • Belt drive, hydraulic, or angle drive
  • CC or CCW rotation
  • Top or side mount configuration available
  • Air intake filter


Approximate free air flow – 338 CFM

Maximum vacuum – 28.5″ Hg

Power required @ 27″ Hg – 23 BHP

Max pressure – 35 PSI

Size of hoses – 3″

Max input speed – 1400 RPM

Approx. net pump weight –  450 LBS

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