Boom Swivels

Boom swivels also known as ‘slewing rings’ or ‘rotating seals’ are used in many industries wherever a gear-operated rotating seal is needed. They are also the focal point of any boom operated vacuum system and are rated for extreme weight and high-stress operation. Our boom swivels are made in house and come in many different sizes and configurations to fit your tank and truck. They can be outfitted with a worm drive and hydraulic motor depending on your needs.

We offer 4” to 17” ring diameters in geared or non-geared options depending on your application, and 10” and 13” models  with or without a worm drive. All of our boom swivels include:

  • In-house laser hardened bearing courses for superior durability in high-stress conditions
  • High carbon steel rings
  • Chromed bearing balls
  • Custom made wiper seal for a perfect seal under vacuum

Boom Swivel sizes and configurations

  • 6″ Rotating seal (6″flanges)
  • 6″ Rotating seal (6″ and 10″ flanges)
  • 8″ & 8″ Gear rotating seal
  • 10″ & 10″ Gear rotating seal
  • 12″ Rotating seal
  • 12″ Geared rotating seal
  • 17″ Rotating seal
  • 17″ Geared rotating seal
  • 17″ Geared rotating seal (High capacity)

In addition to our line of standard Boom Swivels, we offer high-quality worm gear bases. These are available in 10″ and 13″ models, with and without hydraulic motors. Gear & pinion drives are available as well.

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