Fruitland® Manufacturing leads the market in providing high quality vacuum pumps, accessories, and manufactured vacuum systems to our valued customers around the world. 
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Client Testimonials

Paul Simpson from Simpson Services says:

“I have to say I have dealt with vacuum pumps in the oilfield most of my working life and this has been the best pump I have ever used.  I have used all the other competitive pumps and they didn’t last. I do not want to use another brand of pump.”

Client Testimonials

David Ashabranner from Permian Basin says:

“Fruitland® Pumps for Key Energy Services has been very efficient, reliable, long life, easy to maintain and parts are easily accessible. Technical support is one of the best! Most of all the training provided to our organization from Keith Myers is tops with me, he has helped us with maintenance and operations training for our mechanics and drivers which has increased the life of the Fruitland® Pumps. As far as I am aware, all that we install on our new vacuum trucks is the Fruitland® Pump."

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