Fruitland Manufacturing

Fruitland Manufacturing is a world leader in the production of high-quality rotary vane vacuum pumps, vacuum pump systems, and vacuum tank components.

Our Mission

To lead the market in providing high quality vacuum pumps and accessories to our valued customers.

Our Vision

To become the leader in quality, reliability and performance in all our manufactured goods’ markets.

Our Core Values

Do it right

We have a "quality first" approach and mindset.

Do it with respect

We listen, collaborate, and support each other to perform at our very best.

Do it together

We are the "Fruitland Family". We work as a team with our employees, clients, suppliers and stakeholders.

Do it like you own it

We take responsibility and ownership in everything we do.

Do it better

We exceed expectations with creativity, innovation and continuous improvement in all that we do. Do it better than yesterday.

Client Testimonials

Paul Simpson from Simpson Services says:

“I have to say I have dealt with vacuum pumps in the oilfield most of my working life and this has been the best pump I have ever used. I have used all the other competitive pumps and they didn’t last. I do not want to use another brand of pump.”

David Ashabranner from Permian Basin says:

“Fruitland® Pumps for Key Energy Services has been very efficient, reliable, long life, easy to maintain and parts are easily accessible. Technical support is one of the best! Most of all the training provided to our organization from Keith Myers is tops with me, he has helped us with maintenance and operations training for our mechanics and drivers which has increased the life of the Fruitland® Pumps. As far as I am aware, all that we install on our new vacuum trucks is the Fruitland® Pump.”

Our People

The people at Fruitland® Manufacturing are committed to honest customer support delivering superior quality goods and services on time and at competitive prices. Fruitland® Manufacturing strives for continuous improvement through employee development, quality control, and innovative processes.

Fruitland® Manufacturing has a dedicated team of staff committed to manufacturing premium products. From qualified technicians working on our state of the art machines, to the knowledgeable customer service representatives, we pride ourselves that we employ only the best in the business. Some staff members have surpassed 45 years as Fruitland® employees because we stand behind our staff, our pumps, and our products.

Our Dealers

Fruitland® Dealers are highly regarded as the best in the business. Our dealers are selected based on their responsiveness to customer needs and their overall integrity. We consider a Fruitland® Dealer as the backbone of our business and endeavor to work very closely with them to ensure that our products flow seamlessly to their locations before, during, and after the sale. Fruitland® Dealers continue to provide the excellent service support which customers have come to expect.