Rotary Vane Pumps

Issue – Lack of Vacuum in Tank:

  • Tank not closed or leaking
  • Collapsed hose: check wear and replace
  • Stuck automatic floating shut-off: put pump on pressure for a moment
  • Pump running backward after stopping: stuck or broken non-return valve (back-up valve)

Issue – Overheating:

  • Lack of oil
  • Wrong type of oil (See FAQ)
  • Cooling fins of casing plugged with dirt
  • Pump runs for too long WITHOUT air passing inside the pump (see manual)
  • RPM too high
  • Broken oil pump
  • Clogged oil line
  • Collapsed hose
  • Clogged filter or muffler

Issue – Pump not Turning:

  • Foreign material may be lodged in pump
  • Pump frozen up (winter conditions)
  • Vane or housing broken
  • Pump overheated