Samson Pumps and Fruitland Manufacturing form business partnership in North America

Samson Pumps, a leader in liquid ring vacuum pump technology, and Fruitland Manufacturing, a Canadian vacuum solutions manufacturer within the mobile vacuum industry, are thrilled to announce a business partnership, in North America.

As pioneers in their respective industries, Samson Pumps and Fruitland Manufacturing will join forces to create even better liquid ring vacuum pump solutions to the market through knowledge sharing and continuous innovation and leveraging the joint potential.

Morten Lorenzen, CSO at Samson Pumps, underscored the significance of the partnership,stating, “The alliance enables us to offer our customers an even better experience with on the ground presence and increased availability of our pumps”. “There is a strong strategic, match between us, and the timing is just right with the demand for more sustainable and energy efficient solutions ever increasing.”

Echoing this sentiment, Chris White, CEO of Fruitland Manufacturing, expresses the following: “We are very pleased to expand our product offerings into North America with sales of Samson’s broad range of liquid ring vacuum products. With our ‘Ready-2-Rig’ packaging for integration into the vacuum truck market, we expect this sales partnership to be very successful. The culture at Samson is very similar to Fruitland’s which makes this partnership very exciting as the need for liquid ring vacuum in the mobile market is on the rise.”

Fruitland Manufacturing’s reputation for expertise and consistent market leadership reinforces the potential value of this collaboration. The company’s stellar track record, along with Samson Pumps’ dedication to service excellence and continuous innovations, predicts an exciting union of strengths.

Summarizing the cooperation, the partnership promises to leverage Samson Pumps’ expertise in liquid ring vacuum technology and Fruitland Manufacturing’s solid market experience to deliver unparalleled customer solutions within the mobile vacuum industry.

This cooperative fusion projects a major shift forward in the streamlined offering of sustainable, efficient industrial solutions.

For more information, please contact:

Samson Pumps
CSO Morten Lorenzen
+45 87 50 95 85
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Fruitland Manufacturing
CEO Chris White
+905 662-6552
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About Samson Pumps

Samson Pumps, founded in 2004, is a renowned producer of liquid ring vacuum pump systems contributing towards a more sustainable planet. The company is dedicated to increasing the efficiency and sustainability of underground infrastructure maintenance and wet waste management in industries. Their pioneering systems also boost sea-based operations, specifically in the realm of fish handling. Samson Pumps’ commitment to innovation and sustainability is reflected in the partnerships they have formed with businesses around the world.

About Fruitland Manufacturing

Founded in 1957, Fruitland Manufacturing has become a leader in the mobile vacuum market in North America and around the world. Fruitland vacuum pumps are known for their ruggedness, adopting the “One Tough Pump” branded recognition throughout the industry. With a ‘quality first’ approach to all manufacturing, Fruitland’s employees take responsibility for continuous improvement to quality while ensuring environmental and economic sustainability.

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