Level Sensor

Level Sensor for Vacuum Pumps

Don’t let your Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump run dry, Install a low oil warning system and save on expensive repairs!

System Includes

Liquid Level Sensor with 3/8” NPT Threads and 10FT Cable.

High Intensity LED Warning Light

105DB Buzzer with Pulse or Continuous Mode

Flame Retardant ABS Plastic Enclosure

10FT Power Cable


Available for all Fruitland® Vacuum Pumps

High Accuracy, Optical Level Sensor

No Moving Parts in Sensor to Stick or Jam

Long Life LED Warning Light

Level Sensor Specifications

Power Supply 12VDC
Buzzer 105 DB
Sensor Mounting Threads 3/8”NPT Male
Cable Length 10FT
Power Cable Length 10FT