Recommended Spare Parts

Fruitland® Manufacturing™ recommends having the required spare parts on hand to suit your particular application.

A Rebuild Kit provides the necessary parts required to address normal wear and tear on your Vacuum Pump.

For those who operate in remote locations or use the Vacuum Pump excessively, we recommend having the following spare parts available:

A) Oil Reservoir Breather Cap

B) Oil Pump Coupling

C) Oil Pump

D) Oil Reservoir Sight Tube

E) Oil Reservoir Sight Tube Elbow

F) BVA Kit

G) Lifting Eyebolt

H) Roller Bearings (2)

I) Feet (Base) (2)

J) Set of End-Plates

K) Hollow Bolts

L) Drive Inserts

M) Keys

N) Gasket Kits